Cleaning a carpet is easy only if you know the right method to clean it. If you do not know the right technique to clean the carpet then don’t clean it rather call carpet cleaning services and they will provide you with some of the best services.

Here are some of the types of carpet cleaning which the professionals use

Cleaning the Carpet with Shampoo

This type of technique is very commonly used by the professionals. Cleaning the carpet with shampoo removes dust mites, dust, dirt, soil and germs from it. It is one of the good methods to remove large soil from the carpets.

The cleaning is done by first spilling the shampoo on the carpet and then using a brush to scrub it. Foam is formed and due to this dust is attracted. Once the cleaning is done, the carpet is vacuumed in order to remove the remaining shampoo.

Cleaning the Carpet with Steam

This cleaning can also be known as hot water extraction cleaning. Hot water is used with high pressure and this way the dust is dissolved in the carpet.

In this type of cleaning, the agents are used on the carpet for cleaning. A brush is also used as to remove the pollens, dust and other spots on the carpet. The cleaning agent are left on the carpet for about an hour and then it is washed by hot water.

The cleaning of a normal sized carpet takes more than 2 hours and for drying it takes almost 5 hours.

Cleaning the Carpet by Drying

This technique is the modern method of cleaning the carpet. It is trusted, successful and quick method because the carpet does not need drying in this type of cleaning. There is no usage of water in this type of method. Cleaning the carpet by drying method is mostly preferred for the cleaning of carpets which are oily and stained.

There is powder which is sprinkled on the carpet with the help of a brush. Later, professionals vacuum the carpet so the soil and the powder is completely removed.

If you need cleaning services for carpets then there are some carpet cleaning Dubai pickup services which takes the carpet from your home and drops it back to your home.

Along with this, there are some amazing office disinfection services in Dubai you can contact if you ever wish to have your office cleaned.

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