4 Reasons to Invest in a Quality Prayer Mat

If you’ve never owned a prayer mat in Dubai, you may be wondering why you should buy one. Investing in one can be beneficial for several reasons. Listed below are some main reasons you should invest in a mat. These factors include price, multifunctionality, and patterns. If you’re unsure what you need in a prayer mat, continue reading to learn more.


Whether you are planning to travel to a mosque, the beach, or to worship outdoors, a prayer mat can be a practical and convenient accessory. The thick, woven cotton fabric allows them to serve several different purposes. They can serve as a seat, a scarf, or a beach mat and can even be used as a decoration. Even mats do not have any religious significance, allowing you to use them for many other purposes.


There are many different types of patterns available for travel prayer mats. For example, an Islamic prayer mat should have a mihrab, or a niche, at the top. This niche must be facing Mecca, the Islamic center of prayer. For this reason, all Muslims should know which direction to face. For Christian pilgrims, prayer rugs should face east. The western Orthodox hieromonk will bless them before they are used.


If you plan to make a traveling prayer mat, you can choose from several materials. These materials can be used to create a prayer mat that is lightweight and foldable. You can use a standard prayer mat size and a prayer rug from your home as a guideline. Once you have the materials, stitch the edges to make them look neat. You can also use elastic if you don’t have time to sew.

You can buy a pocket prayer mat:

Another option is a pocket travel prayer mat. This type of mat can easily be folded into a small pouch. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It is easy to fold and can fit into a pocket or purse. It is available in different sizes and designs to choose the right size for you. A portable prayer mat is an excellent gift for any occasion. It can be used on road trips, holidays, or business trips.

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