When you go to any wedding shop in Abu Dhabi, you will see a lot of different types of gowns there. You can get evening gowns in Sharjah when you have to attend a wedding party of your loved ones. You can choose any color but if you are a bride then the basic color everyone will choose is white but it is totally your choice to choose the style and color of your big day. Here is a list of different styles which you have to see and select one of them:

Empire line: This type of gown will be best for girls who have pear shaped body which means they are slimmer on the upper side and the heavier on the lower area from the waist and hips. This will be the best choice because in this dress there will be flow of the dress started just above the waistline and then the flow will go down to the entire length. This flow of dress will hide the pear shape of the body and will give you a slimmer look.

A-line: This is the type of gown which is suitable for any kind of body shape and due to the elegant design you can wear it any occasion, in your wedding or in any other ceremony and events. The will have a flow from the top upper till the bottom without any distraction and it will create a look of English alphabet A that’s why it is called as A-line gown. People with heavier bodies will look slimmer with this type of dresses.

Ball gown: This is the gown which is very pretty in looks and will be better for both pears shaped girls and the girls with slim bodies. There will be a lot of frills on the lower side of the dress starting from the waist line and it will cover the extra fats but too much healthy girls should not wear this because it will make them look more bulky. Along with that if your height is short then you should not wear that as it will make you look shorter due to the heavy flare of that. You can wear that gown on your wedding day because it will not look when you wear it on other slightly smaller occasions like backyard party.

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