Turkey is the country which is between two continents and that’s why it has a lot of opportunities for businesses and people are likely to apply for the investment in Turkey for citizenship because in this way they will get the permission to live there and do some kind of business and earn a good profit from that business. A lot of people will not know about how they can do that and what they need to have in their hand when they are going to apply and what is criteria to be eligible for applying to the Greece residency by investment. Here you will get answers of a lot of common questions which you have in your mind:

How long you need to live there?

Different countries have a different criterion for that so it is important that you have to know about your relevant country and then act according to that. When you talk about Greece and you have to move there then you will be happy to read that there is no need to live in Greece for a certain time period in order to renew your investment living visa. You just need to maintain a certain amount of investment for the whole time and then give the proof of that and you will get your vise renewed without any problem.

What is golden visa?

When you apply to go for Greece and you have some investment to do then you will get the citizenship by investment in Greece and the visa which you will get in that is called as the golden visa because it will give you the golden opportunity to live in a totally new country and earn from that.

How to apply for golden visa?

It is not difficult to get the golden visa when you get the proper information and you act upon the advices carefully. You first need to have the application form from internet or from the embassy of Greece in your country. You then have to fill that form carefully without any fraudulent intension and then you have to submit that application back to the embassy along with the submission fee. Then gather all the documents because you will need them soon when the embassy contacts you again. When you get the permission then travel and enjoy your journey.

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