There are some people who want to explore the world and for that they are ready to go to any extend. People love their own country but they wish to see other cities as well. there are different reasons to leave a country.

Some people leave their country because they don’t get many advantages and they are tired of struggling and they need a better life. Some people leave their country due to the riots. Some people leave their country because they need an advanced medical assistance and mostly people leave their country because they need a better job and support their family or just call their family.

There are many countries to move but as we see the news on TV and more and unfiltered news on different social media platforms, most of us are scared to leave our own country. many immigrants get treated very poorly. But there is hope and that hope is called Canada.

According to different stats, the Canada is the easiest country to get in and there are very less riots and very less racism which has become a major issue in almost every country. Another stats say that almost every second person gets Canada visit visa from Dubai.

If you don’t how to get to Canada or what paperwork is required then you can always get consultations from Canada immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi and there are more reasons to go to Canada, keep reading to know those reasons;

Language and Culture Similarity: The first reason is that there are almost every type of person there. for example, if you are from China, you will see Chinese culture there, you will Pakistani and Indian culture, you will see French and Arabic and African culture and you name it and you will have it and that is why people don’t get home sick much because there is much familiarity and language similarity.

Free Health Care: we mentioned above that people move to different countries for advanced medical assistance and that is why Canada is proven to be the best country when it comes to health care.

Open Minded People: Like we said that there is so much diversity in this country and that is why people are nicer to each other and they are welcoming as well.