We don’t think that Google needs any kind of introduction. We are sure that you are reading this post, you must have searched in on Google. It is an amazing platform or you can say it is a live saver for many students as well.

Students can get help from Google to make their assignments and projects and get all the information they need to score the highest marks. There is no competitor of Google as many stats say.

If you are here to learn more about Google, then we suggest that you keep reading because here, we will tell you some amazing facts about Google that will blow your mind;


You must be wondering that what is this weird word but you will be shocked to know that before Google was called Google, it was previously known as BackRub. And this name was famous till 1995 and in 1997, the CEO decided to change it to Google and Google Adwords in Abu Dhabi are the best.


No, this was not the name of Google if you are thinking. Gooogle got its name from this word and this word is a math term which means one followed by 100 zeros. Which means a search engine with so much capacity that it can get tons of information from the internet.

First Index Link

Have you ever wondered who invented the idea of index links? We should all thanks Larry Page and he was the person who made the first index link to a web page at Stanford by Google.

First Investor of Google

The first investor of Google is the owner of Sun Microsystems and his name is Andy Bechtolsheim who invested one hundred thousand dollars in Google in 1998.

Google’s Main Storage

We have some data on our phones and it starts to get slow and glitch and sometimes we wonder that how Google handled so much data in the first stages. Well, the first storage of Google was 40 Gb and it was placed in a case which was made up of Legos and it had a 4 Gb hard drive.

First Doodle by Google

The first doodle by Google was made on August 30th 1998 and it was the stick figure which represented the Burning Man Festival.

April Fools by Google

Google launched a rumor that they have made an algorithm that could read the minds and put in the search bar and it was called the MentalPlex.

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