Mental health professionals have been researching and examining the role interior design plays on mental health. Interior design of our home has an impact on our mood, personality, and attitude. This article would throw light on some of these aspects.

 Persuasive design

To improve emotional impacts of the space, one of the techniques used is known as persuasive design that includes persuasive elements into physical objects, such as seating around a round table to boost communication, instead of in front of the TV. Its purpose is to instill clients with the motivation to change their behavior for example to grow socially. Interior designers use persuasive ideas to alter clients’ relationship with their environment.

Spatial perception

It entails opening up some space to create a sense of freedom, in the house. Most people do not enjoy being in closed spaces. Similarly, lower ceilings and heighted ceilings have their emotional impact too. People living in lower heighted ceilings have a confined mindset as opposed to heighted ceiling.

Lighting, geometry, color, furnishings, and materiality are also some of the factors contributing to spatial perception.

Stimulation of natural environments

It brings in elements of nature to create an optimal atmosphere for relaxation and ease. The trending open spaces designed in homes are a perfect example. Researches show that working in close proximity to plants improves concentration and memory retention. Similarly, views or depictions of nature can reduce stress and lower heart rates. 

Professional interiors designers would interview clients and consider their physical and mental well-being in renovating their homes.  Balance in everything is the key to a stress-free ambience. The colors used have their impacts and the shape & design of furniture would add or reduce anxiety. Hence, interior design is not only about making your home more beautiful. It’s about making it a happier and healthier place.

There are numerous interior design companies in UAE offering villa interior design or apartments, keeping in view the psychological influence of certain designs and spaces. You may also purchase complete home furniture packages dubai specially designed to promote mental health.

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