Nursery schools are very important for the bright future of your child as it serves as a basis for all future learning and also teach them social skills such as sharing, following directions, and being independent. So, it is very important to choose a good nursery school for your kid. Here are some tips to select the best Montessori schools in Dubai for your kid.

  1. Before selecting schools, make sure your child is ready. Not all kids are the same. What is right for your friend’s kid may not be appropriate for yours. So please be sure that your kid is ready for nursery school.
  2. You know your child well so choose the school accordingly. See what your kid is like. Are they friendly or shy? Are they comfortable in large gatherings or not? What kind of a school environment would suit them best? This is up to you to put your child in rigorous academic programs or friendly/creative academic programs. This would ease things a bit for you. Knowing what type of school you want you can cross some schools from the list.
  3. Make a list of the best nursery in Jumeirah or some nearby locations. It would be best to admit your child to schools near to your house because a kid should not get too tired because of going too long distances at such a young age. It would also be easy for yourself to provide pick and drop because hiring school vans for kids of the 3 – 5 age group is not a good idea. It is also suggested to admit them nearby because in case of emergency they will not be far away.
  4. Talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives if they have kids so you would get an idea about the school. You can go to any nearby school and talk to parents whose kids are admitted there to have an idea about how’s the school-like. Do your research before you meet with the principal or teachers of a school you are considering for your kid? If it is allowed then do a site visit as well to check how teachers are interacting with kids and how the kids respond towards them is.
  5. Always look for schools that offer small class sizes and low child-teacher ratios.
  6. Check the school hours and durations. If both parents work full time then it would be ideal to select a nursery school that operates full time. Generally, it is better to select a half-day school because it is hard for little kids especially those who are not habitual of spending time away from parents.

If you are looking for nursery schools for your kids then keep in mind these pointers to select the best school for them.

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