Painting is an art that the vast majority of us have experienced in our childhood. While there’s no doubt about the fun element of this activity, few people are aware about the intellectual and social benefits of the painting. In this article, we will find more benefits of painting for both children and adults.

Foster creative growth: You’ve most likely heard people saying that they are “right brained” or “left-brained”. Basically, left-brain thinking is verbal and logical while right-brain thinking is instinctive, non-verbal and dependent on visualization. Painting improves the creative abilities in artistic right-brained individuals. In the left-brained individuals, painting can help stimulate and nurture creative growth though at their own pace.

Build problem solving skills: It may come as a surprise to many but there are scholarly advantages of painting as well. It encourages improvement of critical thinking and upgrades problem solving skills.  What an artist imagine while beginning to paint changes definitely as the work of art advances, sometimes forced because of color limitations and other unexpected results. Handling these difficulties builds up the artist’s capacity to think out of the box and develop creative solutions. Painting also extends the artist’s point of view on various circumstances and empowers them to discover many answers for issues. That’s why paint by numbers for adults and children is a fun activity.

Improve memory: Painting sharpens the mind and boost memory recollection skills through conceptual visualization and critical thinking. It is also a useful activity for those with memory illness, such as, Alzheimer’s disease to upgrade their memory. In general, individuals who take part in creative activities, for example, writing, dancing and painting have a lesser possibility of creating memory loss illness when they become more aged or gown old.

Better motor skills: Fine motor skills, in basic terms, is hand-eye coordination while performing various different tasks. Utilizing brushes and colors while painting increase the versatility in hands and fingers, bringing about more effective hand movements. The brain sends signals more effectively to motor neurons, bringing about better mobility. The better motor skills that a painter develops eventually become mental alternate routes for regular activities.

Relieve stress: Painting serves as an emotional release for people who are under stress. It helps in stimulating the creative mind while releasing mental stress. Releasing anxiety through painting help in lowering the stress levels of anxiety and improving overall mental well-being.

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